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 09/01/07 Somerville Crit From Dennis

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09/01/07 Somerville Crit From Dennis Empty
PostSubject: 09/01/07 Somerville Crit From Dennis   09/01/07 Somerville Crit From Dennis EmptyThu Jan 24, 2008 1:25 am

Today i did the Somerville Crit cat 5 race and was told by Captain Ed to report in. Since no one from Pro Pedals did the race i talked Kim into going. She must have thought this was like a tour de france stage because she brought 3 magazines and 1 book to read. I told her by the time she sat down it would be time to get up and her only purpose in coming was to identify my body if i crashed.

Somerville is actually a tough course. It has 4 90 degree turns that are bumpy and tight. There is also a hill that is just steep enough to create gaps or drop riders.

This race was recognized for upgrade points so i wanted to do well. The fields all looked small to medium sized and mine was no exception, around 20 riders? I only recognized a few riders from last weekends states so i did not know who to look out for. There were 2 riders from Norwood who asked me about 6 times "Where's Ed?" so i thought they would be the guys to watch. To make a long story short they were driving the field the most so i thought they were going to jump near the end. Instead they cracked and just as they cracked 6 guys in front of me took off about 300 yards from the finish on the hill. I passed 2 but did not have enough in the tank to run down the others. I finished a respectable 4th but still tired from the last weekends states. Dennis

On a side note the entry fee is tax deductable minus any prize money or awards. I estimate that the medal probably cost about 50 cents so i have a 4th place for points, a 50 cent medal, a $32.50 tax write off and my friend Alex took a bunch of pictures (this guy can take some great photos!!). All in all a pretty good day. Dennis
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09/01/07 Somerville Crit From Dennis
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