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 07/27/07 Lakewood Crit

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07/27/07 Lakewood Crit Empty
PostSubject: 07/27/07 Lakewood Crit   07/27/07 Lakewood Crit EmptyMon Jan 07, 2008 1:29 am

This will be a quickee, my home computer is in worst shape than a pit bull under the care of Michael Vick, so I dropped it off with my computer guru, Drew Tindell (rides for Peddler Shop).I'm sure he'll have me up and runnin' in no time. I'll be doin' this one from my office computer.

Congrat's to Joey Schaivo, great time (24 mph+!) in the TT.
In the 35+ Eric Wally helped drive a three man break with Shawn Teske and Steve Cochrane (Mambo). Now there's some horsepower! They tettered right around 20-25 seconds and stayed away with Shawn outsprinting Steve for the win and Eric gettin' a nice third.Shawn told me later that Eric was pullin' too hard and damn near blew up the break. Gotta love it! Richie also did the 35+ as his second race and hung in for a field finish

In the 45+ there was a small field of (16) with me and Mark in there. It was a very hard race (the small fields are always tough!). Mark ended up 9th with Lee Mestres from Mambos getting the win. I had jumped in immediately after the 4/5 and got blown up after the 3rd lap. Many thanks to Mark who went right to the front and held the pace down for the first lap to give me a chance, but I was just too blown. After gettin' lapped TWICE I grabbed on to the back of the pack and finished out the last four laps with the hardest, worstest, 16th place ever.

In the 4/5 it was me, Big Dan, Chris Fritz, Dirty Dave, Stevie Wu, and Crazy Rich. The race was pretty uneventful, the pace was quick enough that no breaks stayed away (24.8 mph average). Dan did the bulk of the work, pullin' pace and going off solo several times. Steve launched several attacks. The only serious move was when Eric Davila of Westwood Velo took off with two to go. This guy has won several TT's, so he was a serious threat to win. On the last lap, the pack reeled him in and it looked like a field sprint until Chris Fritz made his signature move, an early attack with a half lap to go on the toughest part of the course; a little head wind rise out of the third right hander that is way tougher than you would think. He held it to the end winning by ten lengths. The rest of the field waited to respond. One guy said he was watching us; what a genius; it was our guy that was away! So Chris gets his third win of the season, Dean Telson from Norwood got a very nice third (I didn't know this guy could sprint!),Richie powered-out 10th, Big Dan was in at 11th. Dirty Dave escaped a trip to the doghouse (another Vick reference?) finishing 13th just beatin' me by half a wheel as I came in 14th and Steve rounded out the top 20 in 20th place.

So a decent day. Chris has been layin' it down this year with three impressive off the front wins and Eric has been in the top ten all year long driving the break aways. Norwood had 5 or 6 guys out there; we did battle with them every week during the Tuesday night series. It's made for some good racing.

I'll be doin' Prospect on 8/4 and Doylestown 8/5. Caleb is going up to Deodate in Lancaster on 8/4, and Lockburner is tettering on life-suppport waiting for Medford to appear on bikereg or racelistings. I'll be out at Greentree also this week.

See ya soon.
The Captain
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07/27/07 Lakewood Crit
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