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 MD Tuesday night training Loop

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MD Tuesday night training Loop Empty
PostSubject: MD Tuesday night training Loop   MD Tuesday night training Loop EmptyWed Apr 18, 2007 12:58 pm

25.2 Mile loop on the Columbia Triathlon course (big tri race each year)

group meets Tuesday (5:30-6PM) at Princeton Sports, Columbia MD (go figure)...(2.5 hour drive from Hammonton)

Looks like a bunch of real hardcores will start to show, as the Master's 40+ National Champion (Ramon Benitez) lives on the course...
So I will be in pain on Tuesdays in the near future... Last night group was decent size 25+ and the pace started to ramp up 5 miles in... I latched onto a break-away group of 6 and the games were on... Climbs (3) of which are significant, are spaced pretty well across the loop. With rollers and some really nice twisty downhills on reasonable road surface, not much flat terrain (<5miles total)...
Last night the 6 of us averaged over 21 for the 25.2 miles and that was not a tough pace...too cold/windy to get crazy fast... but warmer weather is going to bring speeds up over 23 average and that will make it really good hill training...
The pro winner of the tri last year averaged 25.1 TT style... OUCH, Ed/David/Caleb/Bob J picture averaging 25.1 on a HILLIER than Mt. Joy course SOLO...
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MD Tuesday night training Loop
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