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 07/08/07 Nationals report from Mark Cowin

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07/08/07 Nationals report from Mark Cowin Empty
PostSubject: 07/08/07 Nationals report from Mark Cowin   07/08/07 Nationals report from Mark Cowin EmptyMon Jan 07, 2008 12:25 am

Nat'ls crit report:
After announcing that our fied contained a 30 time national champion and 7 time world champion... Same guy... We lined up (full field - 125) for a 4 corner (1) hill crit. Race went off at 10am sharp pistol and all... We were at 34 by the first turn... Need I say this was just a stacked field.. 25 laps 26.2 miles, and all the 54X12 I could handle... I stayed mid pack the whole race never deeper than 60th and NEVER up front... Just too many 30mph tt guys that could eat you alive... I remember our average after 8 laps was 29.2 and we were coming by the S/F at 34+ every lap as if to practice for the inevitable field sprint on lap 25... We were turning consistant 2:00 minute laps on all but the laps between 12&17 where we went to 2:08/09, I was just hanging in place and felt ok coming into the last 8 laps, the big tt guys then started trying to attack the field, NO way... And after one back stretch "lull" at lap 20, I thought "maybe now"... Too late Joe Mannachio actually went and tries his hand up the other side and I can't get to his wheel, so I hold and (say a quick prayer), and ready for the mayhem that ensues... We crank out the last 5 laps with the field eating up any forrays or attempts thereof... We get to the bell and my endorphans are coming out of my scar tissue!!! I actually have a shot at top ten and "who knows"... Come around 2nd turn ok, third sweeper set-up last turn Outside (been there all race, as inside was really crappy patch...)
Approach last turn at I have no idea how fast but it was FAST... Top fifteen, no deeper and promptly get swept by someone sliding (team spine) out of the crappy patch... Right myself before the barriers, swerve into the gravel and over the bars... it's over... No damage... I am still searching for another top ten this year... Race average ended up 27.1 and there is a 43' climb every lap, easily the fastest I have ever been... Looks like Joe M had top ten/fifteen as he was there, Steve Cochran -Mambo probably top 25, I was not in the mood to look at the actual results, I went over to my family (all here for the event- looks like a bleacher brigade, very cool/inspirational). We watched the 40-44 event next (Dave Hudson _ Mambo former senior mens NJ champion and current NJ 35+ state crit champ) was racing, he's a strong sprinter and actually had a great race going. This race averaged 10-12 seconds Slower per lap then ours according to the officials calling at the S/F. Dave's race had a 2 man break goi with 5 laps remaining that Unbelievably held the field off with them taking 1,2 the field came around the last corner and Dave was pushed to the now tattooed Mark Cowin gravel ending his appearent top 5 day in the same place.
Wow these races are pretty cool, and NOT much different than some of the bigger events back home....
So tuesday I try to complete the 95k road race in the hills surrounding 7 springs, not the same goal but a finish will feel just as good...

See you all back in flat NJ soon... State are just around the corner...
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07/08/07 Nationals report from Mark Cowin
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