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 05/12/07 Prospect Park Race Report

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PostSubject: 05/12/07 Prospect Park Race Report   Sun May 27, 2007 9:09 pm

From Ed

Man my shoulders are really achin' me today, probably from havin' to carry the Cat 4 team at Prospect today........but more on that later.

First off a huge "atta guy" to Rueben who volunteered to drive half the team up to Prospect when he knew we were short on the carpool. Big effort for a guy to get up at 2:30 and drive up three of his team mates when he's not racin'. Reuben took some video, some pictures, and basically just helped out. I speak for everyone(I'm sure) when I say "Thanks"!

The first race rolled out at 6:40, so we were on the road at 3:30. It was me, Richie, and Stevie Wu in the Cat 4, Joey D. and Dennis in the 5, Ryan H. in 35+, and Ryan got upgraded to Cat 3 by virtue of his cat 4 dominance so the only race available to him was the 1/2/3. And to think three weeks ago he was up here winning the cat 5's. Should be interesting.

We were slated for nine laps, 31 miles. The 1/2/3's started, followed by 35+, then the 4's and the 5's; all on one minute intervals. Our race got under way, about 70 to 80 starters, and immediately some genius decided to attack. You really don't have time for a warm-up, you'd think they'd bepolite for the first lap. The first time up the hill was pretty brisk, about 21 mph. The first two laps were fast, over 26 mph average and 20+ up the hill before things started to settle down. There were several half-hearted attacks and breakaway attempts, but nothing to threatening. We had two $30.00 primes that heated things up; but no attacks after the primes. The first serious move came with around three to go and included Mike Egan from Cadence ( a serious threat) with four other riders. The pack seemed content to let them build some time and I thought the race might be over. This seems to be the pattern in Cat 3 and 4. Hard first lap, settle down, a few breaks, and then one serious move near the end. Today however it was not to be. With a lap and a half to go, we started to reel the break in, and then it appeared as if they mysteriously sat up! Couldn't figure that one out. It all came together last time up the hill. We were flyin' up and the pack was starting to sort it self out. Richie had been climbing well all day and was near the front, I was top twenty cresting the hill and Steve was somewhere behind me. I was hoping he could ride my wheel to the front.

Now the finish at Prospect gets a little hairy because it's a long 2 mile downhill run that takes you up to around 40 mph. So imagine 80 crazed Cat 4's who all think they can win jockeying for position at these speeds! Might wanna make sure your insurance is up to date and you kissed your wife and kids on the way out, 'cause there's a lot of "down side potential" to these finishes. The shenanigans started early today when the guy in front of me decided to shave a few grams off his wheel set by scraping the curb at 35 mph and ended up running off the road. I came around and gave 'em a hip check as I went by just for good measure; help keep the roads clear, and bounced him out of theway. Take a deep breath, let it out, then back on the gas. As we came off the hill with 1000m to go I was about three rows back and Richie was on the front doin' what he does best, beatin' himself into another time zone. Steve was still behind me. 500m to go. This is the best part. It feels like those three rings at the circus that have to line up just right for the guy on the motorcycle to jump through. A gap opens, you jump in; a guy bumps you out, you look for a slot; a seam opens; pedal-pedal-pedal. Guys yellin', cussin',one second your 5th, now you're 20th. 200m to go. Richie's on the front and he just died. The pack swarms, I start pickin' my way through, I'm expectin' Steve to come blastin' around me; no Steve. I fly past Richie (I knew I'd beat that big gear stompin' hammerhead today) and come through top twenty. Not stellar, but solid. However, we do have a problem. As the elder statesman of the Cat 4 team, I cannot be expected to be finishing ahead of Richie and Steve. Last month it was Dirty. Something's got to change (I'm sure it will at Marlton next week, I still think Steve's got a win in'em). But the shoulders are gettin' sore.

In 35+ Ryan H. came through with a nice 8th place. I didn't see the Cat 5, Dennis played it smart (like he always does) and added to his hardware collection with a 6th place. He's got more precious metal from Prospect than they got down at Fort Knox.Joey D. did his usual early attacks and ended up burnin' out; finishing around 15th.

We got to see the end of the 1/2/3 and it was fun to watch. Looked like a full field of 80+ (Prospect always has huge fields). A 12 man break went by and they were flyin'. The main field came through with Ryan sittin' near the front and looking fairly relaxed, maybe even a little pissed that he wasn't up there with the break. Next time through the main bunch was splintering with Ryan in the mix at the front. Comin' through at the finish, the 12 man break sprinted followed by Ryan taking second in a strung out field sprint for a very nice 14th overall. That's a pretty huge jump from Cat 5 to 1/2/3 in three weeks, let alone riding a soild, competitive race. Of course, Ryan's convinced he'd of had a shot at winning if he'd gone with the break; and I think he might've. We'll find out soon enough. In any event, well done.

So we all got out alive, no crashes. A 6th, 8th, and 14th. We're still lookin' for a result (other than Ryan) in cat 4; it will come. All in all, a decent day.

Next week, MARLTON!!!!

Your "from the saddle, and carryin' the weight" reporter,

The Capitan
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05/12/07 Prospect Park Race Report
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