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 07/08/07 Marlton

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PostSubject: 07/08/07 Marlton   Mon Sep 17, 2007 11:40 pm

think I will open today's race report with a new side-line ,"value added" feature section that I'll trot out from time to time; just to keep things interesting. I'm gonna call it the "Bite Me!" list. It won't always be 100% race-related; just assorted things, people, institutions that are really startin' to get under my skin.

For example, I've been gettin' applications in the mail for my AARP card. For all you young guys that stands for American Association of Retired People. I guess they start sendin' ya this crap when you're over 50. So far all this stuff has gone immediately in the trash! Do they know who they're dealing with? Retired? Why, I'm in my prime! So the AARP people can BITE ME!

Next up, the weather people. All we hear about on a day like today are "heat index's" and "heat advisory warnings" and "stay indoors". And, my obvious favorite, "don't exert yourself too much physically"; especially if your "older". Yeah, like if ya got an AARP card or something. How 'bout this,Mr. Weatherman; instead of doin' a measly two races; I'll do three! How's that for exertion? So all of the weather people can BITE ME!

And, gettin' back to racin', the next 20-something Cat 4 that tells me to pull through, go to the front, or (my favorite) "hold your line" is gonna get a CO-2 cylinder rocketed up his ass. Thirty years from now when this guy's fifty pounds over-weight, knockin' back a beer, and the closest thing he gets to excitement is watchin' a NASCAR race; I want him to remember that ancient old man who pulled through when he damn well felt like it; went to the front only if he wanted to, and took any line he damn well pleased. So all those young, cocky Cat 4's that are yellin' at me can, you guessed it, BITE ME!

While I'm at it, a coupla of quick mentions for people who are flat-out studs. How ' bout Richie Ross. Some of you younger, newer racers may not know him; but he's the real deal. Does two races today, two wins (35+ and 45+). This guy can hammer at the front and he can sprint, it's scary. I would have loved to see him as a kid, he's 47 now (I guess he'll be gettin' an AARP card soon). And out at the Nationals, you guys could probably care less; but Betty Tyrell nails down yet another National Championship jersey. She's 56 years old, and I know it's in the 55+ category. Think you can do 20k in 28 minutes? That' a 26 mph average guys, try it sometime. And last but not least, how about Eric. Drives the break in the 35+ and gets 4th, then goes out in the 1/2/3 and gets in a break that laps the field and gets 7th! Eric is our version of Jens Voight; always on the attack.

Now back to the races.Had a full schedule today, the pre-reg was a little light, but there was a lot of "day of" activity. Me and Dennis were the only Pro Pedals riders in the 45+, they ended up with around 40 starters. Richie Ross was the only Mambo and I think Chris Foster was the only Peddler shop guy. Summit had 4 or 5 guys, Somerset had three guys, 3D had 4 or 5. We were set for 20 miles/laps and at 9:00 am it was already gettin' hot(or so the weatherman said). We took off and things were under way. Me and Dennis were pretty much planning on sittin' in and seein' how things unfolded. Neither of us can really sustain a break away for any length of time, our best bet was to see what we could do in the sprint and shoot for a top ten. The race was not super-fast by 45+ standards. Scott from Velocity was the most aggressive rider and was off the front quite a bit. The Summit guys made one or two forays. The only real threat came when Richie and Chris launched a hard attack about mid race; but the field recognized the threat and chased it down. Richie Ross is a marked man in any race. They tried one more time and that was it. The race settled down and the laps counted down until the bell. Scott was at it again and was way off the front on the last lap. He didn't have enough distance to hold off a hard charging pack; and when the dust settled, Rich Ross had the win with Dennis just missing the top ten (11th) and I came home in 16th. Not too bad.

Next up, the 4/5. I had to do the quick "take off the top number and get a fresh water bottle routine" and get ready to race; they don't give ya much time.As usual there was a pretty full field; looked like 50 or 60 guys.We were stacked: Chris Fritz, Crazy Rich, Big Dan, Stevie Wu, Otto (fresh off a nice 3rd yesterday), Dirty Dave, and me(did I miss anyone?). Peddler Shop had Ted Murphy, Wayne Povey, Nick Piccone,Eric Toff, and Drew Tindell ( who won here two weeks ago). I'm not sure if Jerry(from Peddler's) did this race or the Masters. Summit had several guys doin' the 45+ - 4/5 double. The 45+ race was not too brutal (24.1 mph average) and I was actually feelin' pretty good.

We've been going into races lately with-out any sort of plan (my plans never seem to work anyway), but we seem to be racing well as a team. We attack, we don't chase our own team mates,we block, and we set up some sort of impromptu lead-out at the end. It seems to be working.

This race started off at a modest pace and never really got too fast(we ended up with a 24.1 mph, just like the 45+). The race two weeks ago was brutal (25.8 mph) compared to this one. Anyway, about 5 or 6 laps in, Big Dan decides to take a flyer. It was way early and he probably would not be able to hold it for 15 laps, but it was a pretty impressive break. He stayed out there for about three laps until the pack had enough and ramped up the pace to bring him back. This was when one of the young Cat 4's implied I should be up front working. As I didn't have the time or inclination to explain to the young lad that one of the first rules of racing is " don't chase your own team mate"; I figured a simple "BITE ME!" would suffice.

There were the usual attacks and flurrys of activity, but nothing serious. It was startin' to look like a field sprint. On the bell lap we had the whole team near the front. Richie took off and set up the lead out; he was goin' just fast enough (26-27 mph) that nobody else wanted to come around him. We hit the last corner with the whole team up front with Chris getting the win, Dirty in for a nice 4th, Dan in 9th, Steve in 10th. I finished up 22nd with Otto behind me in 23rd. Richie came across in 28th after doin' the hard work on the last lap settin' things up.

Two down, one to go. In an act of utter defiance (think AARP ank weatherman) I signed up for three races today. I figured if the first two weren't too brutal, I'd try and survive the 35+. Dennis has mentioned to me that I might get better finishes if I would pick and choose my spots and cut back on the volume of races I do (Joe Yacono tells me the same thing). And I don't doubt for one second he's probably right. But I just can't help myself. So I wasn't feelin' too bad; I loaded up a fresh bottle, unpinned my 4/5 number to reveal my 35+ number, choked down a protein bar, and went to the line. Richie and Otto were doin' the double and Steve Smith and Eric were lined up and ready to go. I really doubted I would finish this one, but ya never know.

This was kind of a weird race. A lot of really slow laps (19-21) mixed in with a lot of brutal 27-28 single file stuff.It ended up with a 24.7 mph average. There were several break aways. At one point the field split and it looked like we'd be riding around in circles by ourselves at the back, but it somehow all came back together. Eventualy a break of five riders got away for good with our own strong man Eric Wally up there driving things. With Richie Ross, John Nyman(Peddlers), and Big Shawn Teske up there the break had some serious horsepower. Crazy Rich had enough energy and foresight to get to the front and do a good job of blocking; he definitely helped that break stay away. Good job! I wanted to help, but I was fightin' some brutal leg cramps as the miles started to add up; I was in complete survival mode. Eric said he was really drivin' the break to stay away; after the race John Nyman told me Eric was actually pullin' too hard and was startin' to wear down the other guys.

Anyway, Eric makes an early move in the S-turn before the final sprint (he ain't beatin' Richie Ross or Shawn in the sprint) and almost holds it; Richie gets the win with Shawn 2nd and Nyman 3rd. Well done. Me and Steve Smith come in at the back of the main field (32nd and 34th); I'm just happy to have finished with the bunch.

I left early, you can read Eric's report on the 1/2/3. I wish I'd had time to watch this one; Eric's break lapped the field, then Erdely lapped and caught on. So it ended up with seven riders in the pack one lap up; with Eric nailing down 7th. Unbelievable! Well Done!

So a great day for the squad. Nice job by Chris gettin' the win. Tally for the weekend:

Chris 1st Marlton
Little Wally (Tim?): 2nd Branchbrook
Otto 3rd Branchbrook
Eric 4th 35+
Dave 4th Marlton
Eric 7th 1/2/3
Little Wally #2 (Chris?) 8th Branchbrook
Ed 8th Branchbrook
Dan 9th Marlton
Steve 10th Marlton

I think that's everybody. And, most important, no injurys!

Next up, Lakewood Tuesday night. Who's goin'?

And Saturday it's Millport in Lancaster. It's supposed to be relatively flat. We'll see. I think I've been dropped (fast and early) every race I've done out there. So far it's Caleb in the 5, me and Steve in the 4, and Ryan back in action in the 3/4.

So until next time, your "from the saddle" reporter
The Captain
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07/08/07 Marlton
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