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 07/08/07 Marlton(greentree) From Eric

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PostSubject: 07/08/07 Marlton(greentree) From Eric   Mon Sep 17, 2007 11:46 pm

Ed, just wanted to drop you a note so you can compile the weekend race report. Today was Greentree. I did the 35+ and 1,2,3. I was in several breaks in 35+ and finally got away at about 10(??) laps to go, with John Nymon, Shawn Teske, Rich Ross and Glenn Krotick(Breakaway). We stayed away and I put in some hard pulls, in the middle, to make sure we stayed away, at one point I thought we would get caught. On the last lap, I knew I could not beat Shawn or Rich in a sprint, so I attacked off the "S" turn and got a gap, went around the corner, clear and free, and was almost to the line when Shawn pulled the group back to me, Rich Ross won, Shawn got 2nd and John came past me to get 3rd, maybe 10 feet before the line. I stayed in front of Glenn who had not taken a pull in 10 laps anyway, except to complain that he did beat me, even though the camera shows differently. Was close, almost got it done, I did a lot of work to make sure we stayed away though, was a little tired at the end.

In the 1,2,3, I broke away at about 8 laps into a 32 lap race with Vladamir (Somerset), 1 Velocity rider, and 2 other riders from small teams. No Ideal Tile riders. We worked out to a nice gap, I was still tired from the 1st race and all the other riders were fresh, even Vladamir(only 1 race today). The further we rode the better I felt, with about 12 laps to go we caught the field, and at about 5 laps I was really starting to hurt, big time cramps. I tried to stand on the hill and almost fell off the bike. I did not realize that J. Erdely(Ideal Tile) had broke away with a Cliff Bar rider and had been chasing us the whole time. With 4 laps to go they caught up, Erdely won the sprint and the race as he was also now 1 lap up with the other 5 of us, plus the Cliff Bar rider. I was cramping so bad the last 2 laps I was just pleased not to fall off the back of the race. I hung on for 7th, last of the guys that lapped the field. All I can say at that point was none of those other riders did 2 races, so all things considered I will call it a good day.

See you Wed. nite for Team Pictures, right - what time - 6:00PM or 6:30PM?

Also, Congrats to Chris for his win and everyone else for their good racing today. Big thank you to Rich Owens and all of you guys in the 35+ for sitting in and keeping everyone else in check. I owe you guys for that.
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07/08/07 Marlton(greentree) From Eric
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