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 07/10/07 tuesday blue claw crit report (short) From Caleb

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PostSubject: 07/10/07 tuesday blue claw crit report (short) From Caleb   Mon Jan 07, 2008 12:27 am

The Blue Claw Lakewood crit was 40 minutes +3 laps, and there wasn't really much going on. I rode near the front to make sure nothing really got away. One of the black jerseys (Chris Labrek's team?? can't remember) did most of the work. The field was down about half the riders, from 20 to 10 by the 3 lap announcement.

The last lap, the black jersey guy kept working, but slowed down to allow himself recovery. There was a bit of attack on the left side of the course with about half a lap to go. I went to the right side of the course, where Fritz blasted by me. I was sort of in front at this point, but sat up and didn't give chase. Everyone was caught sleeping, and Chris had it in the bag. I was a position or two from the front, really fresh because I wasn't doing anything whilst Chris got away. Having gone through the 2nd to last corner, I swung wide, and started to come up one the field. I was about 18 inches or so to the side of the guy in front of me, but I moved over much to my surprise, given my distance beside him, and the fact that we were out of the corner. Down I went. A bit of scrapage, not too bad. I was just glad that Chris won, and ticked off not be able to compete for the two spot. Chris blew everyone away. Nice work Chris!! That's 2 wins in two days, and a nice first place in addition to a 2nd for the series.

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07/10/07 tuesday blue claw crit report (short) From Caleb
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