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 07/01/07 Points Race from "The Wallys"

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PostSubject: 07/01/07 Points Race from "The Wallys"   Mon Sep 17, 2007 11:13 pm

The Team Challenge was not a pretty sight. Our plan of sitting in for the beginning laps kind of backfired. Most of the points are loaded toward the back end of the race, so waiting until the 1/2(15-20 laps in) way point and then starting to attack and end up most of the breakaways near the end of the race. Not so much today, I was sitting mid pack, nice and comfy, when 4-5 riders broke away. Rosenhaus(NE Hardware-46yrs), Gui Nelieson(Van Dessel), 1 Ideal Tile and J. Durso from Liberty Corner rolled off the front with 10-12 laps in, maybe. When they first went I didn't really see them going, but then when I did see I thought 1 of us was there, maybe I was looking at Ideal Tile. They were long gone by the time I realized that Bob, Ryan, Jason & Mark were still in the pack with me. Went hard off the front a bunch of times, but Hardware & Van Dessel wouldn't let anything get away, because now the Tile & Liberty Corner riders and gotten dropped and were back with us in few laps. I thought we could get a 2nd group but Hardware was not going to let any daylight without R. Urzedenski on my wheel. With 2 riders away all of the small 2 point laps were eaten up, I thought maybe Ryan had gotten a 3 or 4 in a big sprint lap, but when I checked the results we got zip.

Not as good as an Ed report, but now that you have all the details, you can rewrite if you want from the at home, heard about what happened perspective.

I agree with Ed, next week, flat and fast, my favorite course,
Greentree. Maybe Branchbrook on Sat. Kids can race too.
See you all Wed(July 4 race), Thurs, Sat or Sun. Ride fast, stay safe.
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07/01/07 Points Race from "The Wallys"
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