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 07/01/07 From Joe Schiavo Capt TT

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07/01/07 From Joe Schiavo Capt TT Empty
PostSubject: 07/01/07 From Joe Schiavo Capt TT   07/01/07 From Joe Schiavo Capt TT EmptyMon Sep 17, 2007 11:09 pm

Here I go out and buy a disc wheel for my TT thinking I am going to kick some ass. ha ha the joke was on me. what a bummer at the Ed Peterson TT on June 30th. I was set and ready. Did my stretchingand warm ups. Got to the starting line on time and off I went 10miles flat with some rolling hills. Pumping-- I was doing 24 to 25 out of the gate. Than about 2 miles into it I get passed. Killing myself I tried to stay but he just continued to pull away. Than passed again, again and again. I am saying to myself what the f...........(sorry Jean)is going on. So much for the disc wheel making me faster. My time was a sorry ass 26:02 with an average of 23 m/hr--18 seconds off my best time. I was the only one representing the Pro Pedals Team and I stunk. Oh well, next year I will get it back.

Joe Schiavo
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07/01/07 From Joe Schiavo Capt TT
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