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 07/01/07 Brownstown/Rocky Hill Road Race

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PostSubject: 07/01/07 Brownstown/Rocky Hill Road Race   Mon Sep 17, 2007 11:06 pm

The Captain took a rare mid-season break from the local racing circuit this weekend; I had to work Saturday and the only race on Sunday was a 1/2/3/4 points race. I'd a been cooked on the first lap in that one, so I opted to"go long" racking up a pair of 60 milers over the weekend for some mid-season base mileage. I'm sure a ripple was felt through-out the local racing community; but the matrix will return to normal next weekend. I'll be doin' the 4/5 at Branchbrook on Saturday and the 45+ and 4/5 at Marlton on Sunday. If anybody wants to carpool on Saturday, let me know.

My lack of attendance didn't deter the rest of the team from goin' to war, however. Caleb and Beth went out to Brownstown; Beth crashed out of the women's 3/4 (I believe it was minor, she'll be back) and Caleb made a failed late attack in the Cat 5 and ended up with a pack finish. He got the win with the same tactic earlier in the season; better to be aggressive and fail than passive and never know!

The classic event of the weekend was the Rocky Hill Road Race. It was a 53 mile 3/4 with a nasty climb called "the wall" that had to be scaled each of five laps.The race closed out on pre-reg with 100 of the states premier Cat 3's looking for the "W". Ryan, Steve, and Anthony lined up. Ryan was doin' damage on the wall everytime up it (he was turnin' a 39 X 23, gives ya an idea how tough it was. Gives ya an idea why I skipped this one). Ryan got bounced around a bit in the 50+ mph downhill to the finish,had to back-off a bit,and sprinted to a nice 8th place. Steve hung on to finish off the back of the front group with Anthony finishing. Sounds like a suffer-fest.

Sunday's point race saw Ryan, Bob, Jason, Eric, and Mark go up against Ideal Tile, Northeast Hardware, Van Dessel, and some other serious local pro squads. Mark celebrated 4th of July early by goin' off the front in the early going and trying to score a coupla points. He exploded relatively quickly and called it a day. Hopefully he got a point or two for his efforts. The rest of the guys picked up what points they could; we'll have to wait and see the results for the final tally.

So other than Ryan's 8th, a pretty pedestrian; lunch-pail type weekend of racing.

Next week; flat and fast! I'm in!
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07/01/07 Brownstown/Rocky Hill Road Race
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