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 05/27/07 Boundbrook

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PostSubject: 05/27/07 Boundbrook   Sun May 27, 2007 11:11 pm

Me and Ryan did this one, it was basically a quick hit; drive up, race, go home. Otto met us up there.

This race was a 3/4 and it was gonna be fast! This is part of the big show tomorrow at Somerville, possibly the oldest, longest running race in America. It's a kick off to the Lancaster and Philly race series starting next week, so all of the pros are in town. There's a lot of money to be won, so all the hot Cat 3's are out there goin' for it. In other words, it had "screw me" written all over it. Not the best place for an aging Cat 4 to line up.

But line up I did. The course was a thing of beauty. One point two miles of perfect, new asphalt with four corners and a devilish little chicane 500m from the finish. Otto pulled up 10 minutes before start time, registered, threw on his kit, and just made it to the line in time. We were scheduled for (16) laps.All the local speedsters were there; Gavin Robertson (Major Taylor), Andy Collins (Adler) Patrick Gellineau (the age-defying 56 year ld
with a house full of Stars and Stripes and Worlds Jerseys), Michael Jenks (Hermes). I counted at least fifteen guys that could kick my ass back to South Jersey with nothing more than a sideways glance. So the whistle blew and we were gone! The first lap was fast but manageable. Second lap I was actually thinkin' I might be able to hang in. These guys were just gettin' warmed up. Third lap we were blastin' the back straight at around 34 mph.And I was in trouble, I figured they couldn't hold that kind of pace for long. Fourth and Fifth lap I was gettin' gapped out of the corners and the end was near. Sixth lap,done! I continued to ride until they pulled me on lap nine. Race over. I pulled in and saw Otto already in his street clothes. Estmated cost to the Sanchez family: $6.67 per mile plus travel expense.

So I pulled over to watch Ryan and he was lookin' good. Hangin' right on the top ten. At some point a three man break went and when two more guys decided to bridge, Ryan went right with 'em. Now six strong guys off the front has a good chance, but not today. The Empire Team from New York went to the front and drove the pace to shut it down and with two laps to go it was all together minus about 25 - 30 dropped riders. The bell rung for the last lap, Ryan was sittin' top ten and it was gonna come down to a drag race. I saw the pace car come around the final corner and waited for the pack, and here they come! I'm straining to see the distinctive red and black of Pro Pedals and I can't find it! Then finally about twenty back on the near right side I see Ryan blastin' up the inside with a clear road in front of him. Turns out he got pinched on the inside and ended up bunny - hoppin' the curb by the chicane and then bouncing back onto the road, loosing his position and speed. As they charged to the line he was accelerating all the way and managed to squeak into the top ten and the final money spot, pickin' up $25.00 for his efforts. Gavin Robertson of Major Taylor, a feared sprinter, pulled off the win and the old man Gellineau grabbed sixth.

So, what did we learn this weekend? Well, I learned I'm no match for the fast Cat 3's. In fact, me doin' a hard Cat 3 race is kinda like goin' on a date with Paris Hilton, ya get blown fast and early. And Ryan? He can run at the front with the fastest 3's in the area, that's obvious. He'll be winnin' one of these real soon. Next week at the State Road Race would be sweet, we'll see.

So next up State of NJ Road Race; hopin' for a win for Ryan, maybe a win for Dennis or Joey D. in Cat 5, in Cat 4 our best chance will be Dave or Steve. And me? A pack finish would be nice.

Until next week, your "Busted & Blown" from the saddle reporter,
Captain Ed
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05/27/07 Boundbrook
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