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 05/19/07 Union Grove

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05/19/07 Union Grove Empty
PostSubject: 05/19/07 Union Grove   05/19/07 Union Grove EmptySun May 27, 2007 9:12 pm

From Caleb

The course was ~4.6 milesx 5 laps There was one big downhill right after the line, one big uphill about half way through, and a two tiered climb to the finish. The first three laps were not really exciting. A bit of contact, but no crashes. The fourth lap the Shirks Racing team had guys in the 3 and 5 spot, I was 8. The 5-spot guy at one point just sat up immediately so that the 1-4 guys could get away, with one of his guys in the mix. Fortunately, they got about 2 seconds away and the number six guy "bridged up", which was nice, because I certainly didn't want to. I also didn't want to gamble that the breakaway wouldn't stick, so both problems were solved for me. From there on, I could tell that the Shirks guys were really trying to regroup, but I deliberately tried to keep them separated. Last lap, I was cheating up to the front and ended up a little too close to the front for comfort (2 spot) considering how far away we were (~600m). There was a little downhill section before the uphill finish, but I didn't want to sit up and wait for others so I decided to use the downhill momentum to carry me there in the big ring. I broke at 450m according to Google earth, and it was clean getaway. One guy almost got me, but when I heard James' yelling, I got a second wind and hammered it home. Thanks James.

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05/19/07 Union Grove
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