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PostSubject: 05/05/07   Tue May 08, 2007 11:24 pm

Report From Caleb

Just returned from Lancaster. It was a good clean race, no crashes. It was pretty hilly, but I expected that. I sat in and didn't chase anything
stupid. I pulled off a six, but Guy's Racing (green jerseys) pulled off a 1-2-5 finish. They had a really well done team effort at the end. Their two top horses broke off the front with 1km to go, and I didn't see it coming. After those two guys blew buy, I thought better than to chase them down. They had perfect man to man coverage for the last meters and after like the 200m they went for it. I held on sucking off another's wheel and passed him and picked off another to bump up from 8th to 6th. Good positioning toward the end let me stay in and finish decently.

The Pro/1/2's had a 125km race. The first 5 laps were the standard 10km loop that everyone else had, but the last 5 laps had this extra section named "Gamber Wall" at 17.5% grade. After our race, I rode another two laps with this as part of my extra ride. I'm so glad we didn't have to do that. I was tired, true, but that was just torture. Granny gear please?

All in all, I was satisfied with the race results. No bad mistakes, better judgment and expenditure of my energy. I need to improve 1) fitness 2) more heads up, although you can't see everything. I was a little lonely out there, and the way Guy's handled the end was quite fun to see, even though I wasn't part of it. Missed you guys today.

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