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 03/31/07 branchbrook

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PostSubject: 03/31/07 branchbrook   Sun Apr 01, 2007 1:17 am

From Capt ED

OOO-UUU-CCC-HHH!!!!!!!! Pretty much sums up todays effort; but I'm getting ahead of myself. The smart move today was to take it easy, get in some miles, and get ready for tomorrow's race. The dumb move (apparently) was to go to Branchbrook and try and score some upgrade points. So as the lone representative of Pro Pedals I made the run and planned on doin' the 4/5 and the 3/4. They added an extra lap (nice!) to the first race for 20 miles. It looked like a junior race what with (Cool of the Colavita kids lined up at the front, full field of 50+. The gun went off and the juniors did what I knew they'd do, 28 mph right off the start. But, like a 15 year old boy on his first "date"; they got all excited, burned up a lot of energy, and it was over with before you knew it. Didn't see much of them the rest of the race. Ah,... ya gotta love them young'uns.I just wish they would respect their elders and ease up a bit at 6:45 am. Anyway the pace was quick like last week, seemed like every time I looked down we were doin' 26-27 mph. The second time around the cone I made the mistake of gettin' too far back. Two guys knocked each other down and I had to clip out and do the cyclo-cross run over 'em. I managed to get back on quickly (I'm pretty good at goin' downhill). Next two laps I got to the front and made it through in the top 5. There were the usual attacks and weak breakaway attempts. Typical race, the attacks get shorter and weaker until everybody gives up with a coupla miles to go and rests up for the finish. As I came around the cone for the last time I noticed the pack had thinned out quite a bit, down to about 25-30. I had decided to stay on the inside as this would be the most direct line to the finish ( and closest to the camera,makes it easier to read my number). I was in the 6th to 8th slot coming under the bridge, came up over the hump,startin' to wind it up, started to cut to the right...... and so did EVERYBODY ELSE!. Next thing I know I'm into the curb, I heard my Zipps scraping off a few grams (ah yes, weight savings! Dennis would appreciate that.) and I started looking for a safe place to land. I vaulted over the handle bars, taking the still clipped on bike with me, landed on the grass, and stayed down for a few seconds taking inventory. Wiggle the toes and fingers, good; take a deep breath, no pain (no broken ribs), good; roll the shoulders, pain but not intense. Okay, re-mount and roll on in. I got back to the van briefly considered if I should start the 3/4 but quickly dismissed that thought. Checked the bike over, no sign of damage; no torn lycra. My helmet was cracked in several places, head appeared un-scathed. So another one in the books and another missed opportunity for some much needed upgrade points.

This season has been off to a dead stop for me. Van broke down the first week, crashed on my way to a sure top ten the second week( I still can't believe Lockburner pulled a third place out of the carnage that day, lucky bastard), snow storm the third week. I actually managed to get through three races last week upright and in one piece with-out takin' any more weight off my frame. And today, on the ground again.I've spent more time goin' down this season than Paris Hilton on a home video (sorry Jean, couldn't resist).

But ya know what? Tomorrow's a new day and hope springs eternal ! I will be at it again with the full force of the Pro Pedals squad drivin' the train to get Ryan off the front to victory! It's symbolic, a win will make it 5 for 5 in cat 5!

That's it for your "from the ground" reporter,

The Captain.
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03/31/07 branchbrook
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