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 03/03/07 branchbrook

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PostSubject: 03/03/07 branchbrook   Tue Mar 27, 2007 9:08 pm

What a way to start the season, talk about your highs and lows! Some of you who know me are aware that I've been dealing with some pretty serious family problems for the past several weeks and I was really looking forward to getting away for a coupla hours up to Branchbrook with the team this weekend to kick off the racing season. The alarm went off at 2:45 and I was WIRED! I felt like a kid on Christmas morning. The van was packed, I grabbed a cup of coffee, got behind the wheel, turned the key and.......NOTHING!No,No,No.......Not NOW!!! You rotten piece of shit! Today's the day you pick to not start! A fitting end to a perfect month. So I run out to the shed, get the jumpers, pull up my wife's car. After about 15 minutes I give it a shot and she fires up! I can still make it!I take off and get about 3 miles from the house and the lights start to flicker, the gages start going haywire, and I am reluctantly forced to turn around and go home. Oh well, looks like 39 races this year instead of 40. I call Richie "Magellan" Owens to give him directions ( having flashbacks to Mt Nebo last year) and send the boys on their way. I go back to bed, toss and turn for two hours, and go out to the Saturday ride. Where I get unceremoniously dropped on Bulltown Rd. Sometimes I really suck.

Of course I had a great day compared to Steve Moore. After finishing 11th or 12th in the 4/5, he got involved in a pile-up in the 3/4 and ended up with a broken collar bone. Our thoughts are with ya Steve, hopefully you'll heal up fast. Best of luck and a speedy recovery.

Now enough of the negative nonsense, we're done with the lows, how about the highs! Ryan proved what we all knew too be true, he flat out walked the 4/5 field. We all saw this coming. The only thing I can say to the rest of 4's and 5's is don't worry, he won't be ridin' with the rest of us hacks for very long. Another pleasant surprise was Caleb Bonilla, kind of an unknown quantity since he doesn't ride with us on Saturdays. Caleb was top ten, I think 8th. Turns out he's got a bit of a sprint. Nice job! Richie put in two solid rides with a 10th in the 4/5 and 12th in the 3/4 ( all results are my best guess based on garbled up cell phone calls, Can You Hear Me Now?). Joey D. and Reuben got in with the main pack in one piece. And let's not forget Mark Cowin, opening the season with a 7th place in the 45+, kinda deja vu-ish, he opened at Branchbrook last year with a 6th. So over all barring Steve's major mishap and my non-start, the team is pretty much right where we thought we'd be, competitive right out of the gate.

Next week Dave and Dan wil be going up and of course I plan on actually
making the trip next week barring any more problems. My lucks gotta change sooner or later. I'm hopin' I can hang on next week, sounds like the pace is fast and furious, hopefully I'll have a more entertaining report for next week.

So Steve, heal fast and get well. Ryan, well just keep winning so we can get you out of our hair and into cat 3, and for everybody else lets hope for a safe season.

Your "from the cell phone" reporter,
Mr. Ed
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03/03/07 branchbrook
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